Behind Food Industries: Food for Thought

I watched documentary films "King Corn" ( and "Our Daily Bread" ( in History Channel. It's good to watch educational programs in a weekend.
What I learned was refreshingly new to me.

As to "King Corn", I know that America's food system is supported by an "one of a kind" extensive agriculture, probably the biggest one practiced in this world. I was very intrigued by the fact how massively corns dominate and influence the numerous systems in America. In the film, some authoritative people (involved closely in corn industries) and several consumers often said something like corns are being supplied too much and causing bad effects (acidosis of cattle, obesity & diabetes of humans etc). Yet, it's also true that corns and/or the agriculture/food policies backed by U.S. government had boosted the QOL of American citizens. Some would say it's wrong, and the others would say it's alright - a mixed notion of incongruity and success.
When I see this kind of situation, I often think "... There is always room for improvement ..." to convince me of a good future.

As for "Our Daily Bread", scenes about meat industries must be controversial. How animals are raised, fertilized, slaughtered and shipped to markets: all of them are well automated/mechanized. Considering how a Homo sapiens myself lives as an individual, a life of a food animal is really disturbing. Some animals, cows for example, seemed to understand they are going to be killed: their puzzled expression middle of blood-spattered machinery is something I can understand. I should be grateful to be born into a human. But, I think the human society can not live without this, sense of uneasiness or even disgust does not prove the situation to be outright wrong.

One thing for sure: we should know better what we are eating and how we get it. That would make people realize some scope of power and responsibility they have.

When I accessed the official website of "Our Daily Bread" after a little while the program started, a randomly picked image from the film on the top page exactly matched the scene I was watching (image here). Wow, I was impressed with this coincidence.


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