Config and Make

Such as gnumake or CMake of "make" family, when dealing with a configure script and executing a resulting make mechanism, I get somewhat eww'd yet somehow fascinated every time. I believe when a developer has to edit a configure script to ensure his/her desired build procedures are included in a resulting make mechanism, it quickly becomes a nightmare. But, some people in this world do their job nicely, overcoming difference of myriad development environments of end-users, they write a neat configure file eventually. I really admire them…

Now, I'm thinking about what should I do about CMake configuration of a 3rd party library my project depends on. CMake is a decent make program that can generate a Xcode project file and such.

The initial configurations and variations can generate what I need to build that library, mostly; Some compiler options, especially options related to paths, were generated wrong (I wanted them to be relative, but they were absolute paths). What is worse, despite Xcode supports a build setting variable (something like an environment variable), these paths are hardcoded everywhere redundantly and repeatedly. So if I have to change a path, I also need to track down every instance of that path in Xcode build settings to change it. It's not a CMake's fault, a combined fault of numerous aspects of CMake, library and end-user sides, I guess.

I updated the library's source tree to incorporate new features, and have to prepare a working Xcode project file. To generate new one and fix not small portion of it, or to change the existing one ... Which is better, hmm.


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