Curiosity Killed a Myself - Not Exactly, Excel Did

One imaginary version of myself living in my head has just died.
Diagnosis: A heavy concussion to the head caused an acute subdural hematoma, ruptured bridging veins, the cause of death.
Who's red-handed? MS Excel Mac 2011 is.

I happened to find project.pbxproj (one of internal files inside of Xcode project file .xcodeproj, resembles ASCII property list format) can be opened with Excel Mac 2011. And curiosity won, I opened it. I quickly found it unsatisfactory (long text contained in a tiny cell, hard to read etc), but because I made some changes, I tried to save it. Then a dialog showed up, saying something like "The file you are trying to save has an unsupported file format. Some of properties may be lost if you proceed". "Well… if you say so…" so I canceled it, closed it without save.

However, when I reopened that file with a simple text editor ... Huh? ... There are differences, a large number of property values were double-quoted. I tried to open the Xcode project file with Xcode, but the project file was corrupted, could not open it. Syntax error, I presume. Hey, didn't I choose "cancel" when I was asked?

Well ... *sigh* ... I'll re-generate a Xcode project file from CMake. It's not much work anyway.


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