PSN and Customers Tremble

Some of you might aware of that, PlayStation®Network is down for days.

It started from a call from my big sister (I don't mean my sister's call started all of this PSN mess :P ).
After asking about Golden Week (a consecutive holidays in Japan, see Wikipedia: Golden Week), she asked "Why don't you buy a new iPhone?" A white iPhone and iPad 2 had just released yesterday in Japan, oh, I didn't know that. Talk shifted to online application market like iTunes Store, Android Market, App Store and so on. Then she mentioned PSN is in deep kimchi. Hmm, I didn't eat kimchi recently ...

According to her, account info of over 70 million PSN customers had leaked (possibly including credit card numbers). Cyber activists and criminals will rely on reverse-engineering, ill-gotten programs and viruses. Once you learned the techniques of hacking and gained access to the target system via viruses, I think this kind of mess easily happens.
My guess is that, the size/kind of the organization owning the target system is just a small factor on whether or not hacking will succeed: most of the development is based on already existing public works, so, hacking knowledge about the established IT will do most of the case. But you know, consequence may actually differ according to the size/kind of the organization, an IT giant like Sony can do a real harm to naughty daredevils or miscreants when it comes to its attack turn. Just look for articles of Sony vs. George Hotz lawsuit, sided by the concept of public welfare, Sony ripped the web privacy of people accessed the website of George Hotz. Wow, that's rad.

I'm one of PSN users, so, my credit card can be exploited by someone wicked. If that happens, that will be my 2nd experience of credit card number theft. Hmm, nasty.


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