Growl Notification System Over Network - Thwarted

I was excited when I found Growl for Windows and Growl's capability for over-the-network notification. For anyone who don't know Growl, it is a notification system originally started from Mac OS X. It's slick and stylish.

Yet, compared to the Windows version, development of Growl Mac version seems to fall behind implementing over-the-network notification transport (Growl Notification Transport Protocol, GNTP in short, is the bottleneck I think). I had been planning to use iMac G5 as a multipurpose server and set up a notification system with it, but I should reconsider it.

I cloned the Mercurial repository of Growl for Mac from, built it, and ran it. Even though GNTP is almost complete according to the revision history (rev. 4759, tag "gntp"), I couldn't send notifications from my MacBook to Windows PC. I expect the same for iMac G5. And yes, I found an official announcement for this:

Forward from Growl on a Mac to Growl for Windows
At this time, Growl for the Mac does not support forwarding to non-Mac clients. Growl/Mac uses Cocoa's Distributed Objects to handle its forwarding, which is a Mac-only technology. A new version of Growl/Mac is in development that uses the same GNTP protocol as Growl for Windows, so notifications will be able to be forwarded in either direction.

I must wait for the future release of version 1.3. Other than Growl, I can't think of any other notification system well adopted and integrated with system's audiographical interface.


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