Huh? It Sounds Funny

It's about sound output from my new Windows PC and earphones. I could hear sound only from the right ear piece of my canal earphones.

First, I thought the onboard Realtek sound card driver was the problem. So that I downloaded and reinstalled the latest driver. It worked, sort of.

This time, I hear a bigger sound from the left ear piece than the right, despite sound output was evenly balanced on both sides according to the audio configuration. Also, I could somehow hear a small sound from the left ear piece when a sound test was performed only on the right. This Windows PC was recently assembled, and it is my first DIY work; there might be a wrong wiring causing all of this.

I opened the PC case and inspected cable wiring; nothing's wrong. Puzzled, I repeatedly performed the sound test. Then, it came to my mind, "Maybe, my canal earphones are the problem." And that was correct, because when I plugged in a stereo speaker, sound output was fairly normal. I tested the actual sound balance of my canal earphones with my MacBook (the audio configuration is much more reliable than my newly assembled Windows PC), and yes, my canal earphones are unbalanced, in other words, broken.

I love the stability of how well canal earphones fit into my ears, I really miss it. My only spare earphones are the earbud type, ones bundled with iPod family. I should settle for it until I find another canal earphones, hopefully ones made to be sturdy enough against disconnection.


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