Indulged in Online Shopping

It's been almost two weeks since the last post, I should sum up what I did since then.

Most of the time I was coding, wow, mundane :P .
But of course, I did some other things: online shopping. I ordered several items to sate my desire for electronic gadgets.

The first item is Blackmagic Design's "Intensity Shuttle".

My display environment for PC and TV is mostly HD-ized via HDMI. But a problem was, I didn't have a HDMI recorder. Video recorders sold by famous vendors like Toshiba, Sony etc. are expensive and, in my measure, inflexible at data management like home sharing and editing. Hmm ... I believe Toshiba's recorders at my parents home do not have a defragmentation capability even in this modern era, that is source of my disbelief against home-use video recorders. Also, HDMI recorders are seemingly not popular within a circle of big vendors. Anyway, PC industry is full of useful gadgets, so that I bought this portable device for fast video encoding and recording.

The second item is a Windows 7 Home Premium Installation DVD.
I am a heavy Macintosh user (because my parents bought only Macintosh, so did I), so I have not much experience using Windows. But, the experiences using Eclipse, MSV etc at my university laboratory made me think that it doesn't hurt me to use a Windows OS. Fortunately, recent lineup of Mac OS X comes with Boot Camp (a Windows VM for Intel-base Mac), it's easy to introduce Windows to my PC life.

I ordered other electronic products. I'll write a post about them when they arrived at my home.


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