My First PC DIY

Yup, I built a Windows PC, for the first time. I bought PC parts for this (see my last post "Indulged in Online Shopping").

With extensive googling and online window-shopping, I had no problem building this PC. It's worthwhile to seek existing PC specs or PC customization options part of a PC order form from the Internet. I think my gadget dismantling hobby in childhood, and experience of preparing/tinkering parts for Arduino at my laboratory also helped me.

Here is specs of my PC:

Part Model Manufacturer
Case CS-1116/350W Maxpoint Corp. JP
Motherboard H67M-GE ASRock
CPU i3-2120, 3.30GHz (Core i3, LGA1155) Intel Corp.
Memory W3U1333Q-2G DDR3 (2G x 2) Elixir (Nanya Technology Corp.)
HDD ST31000524AS (1T SATA3 7200rpm) Seagate
Optical Drive GSA-H10N Hitachi-LG Data Storage
WLAN Adapter LAN-W300N/U2 (802.11b/g/n 300Mbps) Logitec
BT Adapter BTMicroEDR2XZ (Class2/10m)Planex Holding Inc.
(Hell, why Blogger's post interface doesn't come with table creation ... Also, I went high and low to define table's look & feel using CSS.)

Also, I bought an USB 3.0 PCIe2 ×1 card (cuz it's cheap already in market), now I have 4 USB 3.0 ports! But news about Thunderbolt worries me, hmm, let's forget about it, in time, we know who wins (USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt). Still, in the end (or on the way to the end?), a yet-to-come optical USB protocol will be the killer for data transfer technology; a photon is almost always faster than an electron, so as the data transfered by them.

I frenziedly spilt some money already, so I won't buy anymore next few months. But I already have aims for the next. An IPv6-capable 1G bit/s router (the current router is IPv4 only), an ATX power supply of more than 900W, a chassis fan or two, and a middle to high class graphic card. Hmm, I gotta work hard to catch up with my desire ...


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