That's What Happens in Business - China

As China’s Workers Get a Raise, Companies Fret - The New York Times

China is a successful country over a decade right now, so it's a natural happening. I saw a comment from a NY guy, saying,

… Chinese laborers can't live on 50 cents a day? Who do they think they are anyway?

WTF are you talking about.

Of course, they are business people sweating hard trying to get rich and live a respectable life. Certainly this NY guy don't know how aggressively China government is educating and sending information to rural or urban people alike: I saw a documentary program from China at History Channel JP, which was showcasing successful business activities started by townsfolk: shipbuilding, inland/coastal/international ocean shipping, inviting factories, et cetera, and some green energy technology ads for appeasing watchful anti-dirty-energy people.

Even though I'm not Chinese, I was very fascinated by it. I imagine townsfolk in China feels more than fascinated by that, almost obligated I guess. I can say those people in the documentary did not have QOL from a materialistic aspect equal to mine, but ah, their smiles, they must be happier than me. They must be reliving a Chinese version of American dream.

Already similar covered in the article, companies worrying about this happening (a raise to Chinese workers) should consider joining domestic demand-oriented industries in China. I have no doubt these industries are bustling there. I'm not seeing it myself, but I can imagine that. I also heard construction firms in Japan, Germany, and some other technically advanced countries got contracts to build some big, serious infrastructure or building in China: they are shifting to an stage expanding domestic consumption.


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