Who Owns JPEG?

I knew that there are confusion for the actual maintainer of JPEG technologies (you can find various JPEG libraries with different maintainers), but didn't know there is JPEG holder/maintainer claim war.

To me, the ISO committee of JPEG (www.jpeg.org) looks unworthy of the title: committee members don't develop and maintains JPEG implementation, and just maintain JPEG technology standards for business and industry yet failing that because development communities of JPEG are implementing the technologies not seriously concerning their authority.

I know Khronos group for OpenGL/OpenGL ES/OpenCL and such, and I can understand this group is the authority for these technologies, because promoters of Khronos group are comprised of actual development contributors of these technologies such Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, SONY etc. They do both proposal and implementation of standards/theories; you can find many of their papers in IEEE and ACM.

JPEG IOS committee group… Hmmm…


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