I Started Angular.js Tutorials

I've been self-studying JavaScript recently, and I forked Three.js's AsciiEffect example to support real-time setting update and Canvas2D rendering (the previous post 
AsciiEffect Updated).

My work is not much in scale, but still I felt very awkward resolving dependencies and loading resources, such as Three.js for 3D rendering, or jQuery then jQuery UI for graphical UIs; What I felt really missing in my JS coding environment is that some neat, automagical dependency resolution.

I created a global object PLAYGROUND in my JS file playground-init.js to bootstrap a playground for JS codes. But it's not sophisticated and need more improvement, but in the internet there are plenty of JS applications that perform bootstrapping with some frameworks, and I have little intension of reinventing the wheel.

So, I picked up Angular.js; it seems simple, popular and capable of dependency injection. I myself too accustomed to C/C++'s #include directive and -I include path option for user-maintained, intrusive-into-code-in-question dependency resolution; I'm very curious to know how dependency injection works in Angular.js.

I'll post an article about my progress and opinion for Angular.js's tutorials.


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