Optimize Page Loading, Make It Faster — Google PageSpeed Insights

Google is a web giant, and Japanese geeks and IT engineers often humorously refer Google as "Google sensei"(Google先生).

Google is well-recoginized for its skill at analyzing data. So here's Google PageSpeed Insights.
PageSpeed Insights is a tool suite of web services and APIs, but let's forget about esoteric APIs for now, and take a look at user-friendly web services provided by PageSpeed Insights.

Analysis summary of page loading

Provide a URL of which you want to know loading performance, and it will report the analysis from various angles. For example, my new 404 page has some problems with regard to page loading; it uses three.js, a JavaScript 3D graphics library, no wonder it takes longer than usual textual pages. Each analysis entries corresponds to a major cause of slow loading, such as JS/CSS codes that blocks rendering process of a page, or HTML/JS/CSS codes that are unnecessarily redundant resulting in burdening download bandwidth and slowing parsing process of a browser.

Analysis summary reported by Google PageSpeed Insights can be a convenient starting point where to look for flaws in your web contents.

Sidenote: English word "sensei" seems to be used to refer a martial art teacher, but Japanese word "先生" has broader usage. School teachers, doctors, instructors of kendo, Japanese tea ceremony, ballet or yoga — all who had learned in a certain art/school and became a practitioner or teacher of that art/school are most often called "先生" in Japan. 


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